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Press release

View and download press releases issued by Parrot on its activities, partnerships, financial results and other important events.

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Quarterly financial information

Financial documents are on the Documents page. Quarterly earnings information is in Financial publications.

Permanent information

 Proposed tender offer for Parrot shares: independent expert appointed 04/12/2018
 Proposed tender offer for Parrot shares: Board of Directors meeting 30/11/2018
 Project of public tender offer by Horizon over Parrot share capital 27/11/2018
 Acquisition of 9.59% of Parrot share capital by Horizon, its controlling shareholder - Launch of a tender offer project at EUR 3.20 per share Press release from Horizon, Nov. 27, 2018

 Parrot introduces Bluegrass Fields 07/11/2018
 Exit from Parrot Automotive completed 01/10/2018
 Two new business solutions presented at the InterDrone show 05/09/2018
 Proposed early exit from Parrot Automotive 06/07/2018
 Parrot launches ANAFI 06/06/2018